Bill Maher Interviews Richard Tillman 2010

Bill Maher’s interview with Pat Tillman’s proud younger brother Richard, was inspirational, to say the least. I come from a practicing Roman Catholic family, so there were moments when I agreed to disagree with what he had to say during some parts of the interview. Although I do respect how he did not try to put down or discriminate against people who were religious. This interview was extremely interesting and informative. I like watching interviews between people and I was excited to hear the story told through the perspective of one of Pat’s family members. I liked how the audience was able to experience the affect the death of a loved one has on their family. At first, without knowing any prior information about Richard, I thought he was a quiet and polite young man, just by looking at him. As the interview progressed on, Richard became more comfortable and was able to show his true personality. Richard began to explain how his brother who was a former professional football player joined the war after the September 11th terrorist attacks. He defended his country. Pat died on April 22nd 2004. The army told Pat’s family that he died due from an attack by al-Qaeda. In reality, Pat died due to friendly fire. Pat’s death was mysterious and questions began to be asked as to why the army tried to cover up his death in the first place. Pat was on a convoy with his fellow troops and they traveled down a narrow road. Only Pat was attacked and instantly killed. The army doctor said that he felt Pat’s death was murder and needed to be investigated. Many people began to believe that Pat may have been attacked by his fellow troops because all of his possessions were burnt and destroyed. His uniform and diary was burned and other troops were told to lie about the real story. Maher continues to speak about how heroic and and intelligent Pat was portrayed in the movie and how he was a true hero. Maher also believes that maybe if Pat was in an appropriate age group, that he may have been still alive today. Instead he was placed with many immature nineteen year old troops. Richard tells Maher how is not religious and did not appreciate how Maria Shriver said “Pat you are home. You are safe.” at Pat’s funneral. He also did not like how John McCain said “You will see pat again when a loving GOD reunites us all with our loved ones.” Richard is not religious and did not approve how people who were not close with Pat were preaching about something that him and his family do not believe in. Throughout the rest of the interview, Richard expresses his emotions with certain profane words and wrapped up his thought by saying what aggravated him the most what the fact that the army covered up the story. Richard was mad that the army did not have the decency to tell him and his mourning family the truth. They understood that friendly fire happens during war, they were strong enough to hear the truth, not the lies.

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