It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – Season 1, Episode 1: The Gang Gets Racist

Where do I even begin? Right off the bat this show was entertaining, witting, and illustrated that subtly awkwardness between close friends and ‘outsiders’ so perfectly. I was instantly attracted to the show the second it started and the scenery consisted of Irish paraphernalia as well as two of the main actor’s wearing shirts depicting them to be Irish. If you cannot tell, I myself am Irish and I found it refreshing for once to watch a show that I can relate too. I heard so many good things about this show from my friends and I always had a good laugh whenever I saw the commercials on T.V. As I am writing this blog, it is already difficult for me to put in words the summary of this episode without being viewed as a racist, or even being portrayed as homophobic. I will try by best. The cast consists of all white actors and the characters they portray are harmless and in no way are they racist. The fact that the four main characters (Dennis, Deandra ‘Sweet Dee’, Mac and Charlie) have all grown up together in Philadelphia, they haven’t been “exposed” to many different races other than their own. They try throughout the episode to become more diverse and in the end they are somewhat successful. Their success is achieved only after overcoming a few hurdles in their path along the way.

Throughout the entire episode I was debating on which character I could relate to the best. At first I thought I was going to be able to relate to each character equally, however half way through I couldn’t see myself relating to Dennis, besides the fact that we are both Irish and at times we can be manipulated by our friends. The other three characters I found myself relating to them instantly. The moment Deandra walked through the doors, I knew I would like her because I have a soft spot for all female comedies, such as the actress Kaitlin Olson who portrays her. The moment her friends accidentally started embarrassing her the second after she begged them not too, I was hooked. I cannot even begin to describe how many times my friends have put me in the same situation that she was in. I must say, Deandra handled it much better than I have in the past. Charlie Day is phenomenal actor who plays Charlie Kelly on the show. I saw Charlie Day in the film ‘Going the Distance’ starring Drew Barrymore, Justin Long and Jason Sudeikis. If he was half as funny in this show as he was in that movie, than I knew I would enjoy this series. His character Charlie I believe most people can relate to because we all have those moment when we are idiotic, goofy and definitely not thinking before we speak. Some people have those moments more than others, and unfortunately I am one of those people. Lastly, Rob McElhenney who plays the character Mac on the show, I was also able to relate to. I do not know why, but at first his character annoyed me and I just couldn’t even look at him without getting frustrated. As the episode progressed, I opened up to him more and realized that this character and myself have a lot in common. The way Mac constantly puts his foot in his mouth and did not know how to phrase what exactly it is that he is trying to say has been the story of my life for a few years now. Mac and I are people, who try to say nice things, and in our heads they sound like the best complements one can receive, but out loud they sound offensive and rude. Thankfully people compensate and are able toe differentiate between what we meant and what we actually said.

This episode only made me want to watch more, but I had to pause and write this blog before I forgot everything that I wanted to say. I know that the episodes to come are going to be filled with hilarious shenanigans that the ‘gang’ gets themselves into. I also cannot wait for the introduction of Danny DeVito. That will add enough more comedy to this already sensational show.

Favorite quote in this episode: “Also, first thing we gota do is get rid of these shamrocks because nothin’ scares gays and black folks like Irish crap” – Terrell (portrayed by: Malcolm Barrett)

This episode was viewed at 2pm on a Friday afternoon in my kitchen, by myself, with the occasional passing by of my brother who laughed at all the parts he overheard.

I would rate this episode a 5/5 for an amazing first episode of series. I really liked it because I can easily relate to it and I look forward to watching the rest of the seasons to come.

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