It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – Season 1, Episode 2: Charlie Wants an Abortion

This episode starts off with Dennis and Mac playing basketball and arguing about how ‘cool’ Mac’s shirt is. Charlie is standing behind them watching them play and is supposedly refereeing the game, which is what Dennis and Mac tell him because they do not want him to play because he is not good and too short. The three of them begin to argue when a women, unfamiliar to the audience, begins to approach them and starts to call for Charlie. No one hears or even notices the woman until she screams out how she wants to talk to Charlie about ‘their’ son. There is an awkward silence and Dennis makes some wise remark and than the infamously juxtaposed theme song begins to play. The gang regroups at their bar “Paddy’s Pub” along with Dee. All four of them begin to debate about the situation and it turns out that Charlie would of made this old high school fling get an abortion, whereas Mac is ‘very religious’ and feels that it is only “God’s decision”. Dee is beyond confused at how Mac and Charlie are allowed to have pre-marital sex, yet they do not believe in birth control or abortions. Dennis just feels that Charlie should get a blood test. Upon Dennis and Charlie meeting this ‘son’ of Charlie named Tommy, you can almost tell instantly that this is not his kid and the gang is going to end going through many obstacles this episode. Tommy is a rude and arrogant child for his age and greets Charlie and Dennis by kicking a soccer ball at them in the house and continues by asking them “Which one of you fags is suppose to be my dad?” Regardless of how Charlie feels, he is still told that this is his son and he has to watch him for the day. They bring Tommy to a free clinic for a blood test, but Tommy creates a scene and they end up leaving.  Dennis and Charlie meet up with Dee at the bar and they all converse about Tommy as they watch him try to destroy the foosball table with a billiards stick. Dennis watches the bar and Dee and Charlie bring Tommy to the mall where Charlie runs into the waitress that he has been obsessed with and she is with her little sister from the Big Brothers Big Sisters Program. Charlie pretends that Tommy is his little brother in an attempt to carpool with the waitress for the annual Big Brothers Big Sisters Program picnic on the upcoming Saturday. Meanwhile, Mac seeks answers to his questions about abortion involving his Catholic belief. He meets a young woman who is pro-life and they attend abortions rallies together and begin a sexual romance. Dennis attends one of these rallies for the same reason but his plan backfires when he is seen hoping the fence from one side of protestors to the others. Both sides of the rally egg him and start an egg fight between both opposing sides. Charlie finds out that Tommy is not really his son but he still insists on taking him out that Saturday for the picnic so he can impress the waitress. Careless Charlie was not watching Tommy at the bar and he began to drink the remains of other costumer’s drinks and ended up being drunk. Charlie takes him outside for some fresh air and they start arguing and the waitress sees the squabble and is shocked and Charlie’s chances with her are blown once again.

I liked this episode, however it is only the second episode of the series and the cast is still in that awkward stage and is trying to find their place. I haven’t watched any further episodes yet, but I hope Kaitlin Olson who plays Dee will get more screen time. I hope they branch out with her character a little bit more and let the audience become more personal with her. I truly can say she is one of my favorite characters on the show because of her comedic timing and her clever responses to the other characters comments.

My favorite line in this episode was from Charlie when he was arguing with Tommy. Tommy had insulted him yet again and Charlie grew frustrated and could not think of anything else to say besides “I will smash your face into jelly”. I got a good laugh out of it and its something I would say if I was in his situation.

I would give this episode a 4/5 because even though I still liked the episode, it did not have anything special to give it that extra point. I viewed this episode right after the first one in the same setting (my kitchen) around 4pm and once again by myself.

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