It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – Season 1, Episode 3: Underage Drinking: A National Concern

I would like to start off saying how I had plenty of favorite scenes in this episode, but they were all put to shame because of one song at the end. In the last minute and a half of the episode, there is a quick prom scene showing all the kids dancing. The song that happened to be playing was “Forever Young” by Alphaville, which is one of my all time favorite songs! Just hearing that song completed and actually summed up the entire episode.

Continuing with the idea of how the song “Forever Young”, in a sense, summed up the entire episode can be taken very seriously. The theme seen throughout the episode is how the four main characters refuse to grow up and become adults. They all begin to slowly transform into these younger versions of themselves. When the gang’s bar becomes the popular hang out spot one night, they begin to question why and find out that all their business and profit is being obtained from high school students. Dea seems to be the only person in the gang with any adult logic and common sense towards the situation, worrying that they will get caught and be in serious trouble considering it is against the law to serve alcohol to minors. Suddenly enough, Dea hops upon the bandwagon and agrees to make the bar the new ‘safe haven’ for teenagers. Dea, Charlie and Dennis all catch the attention of high school students who want to create a relationship. The teenager that like Dea is a popular jock who makes her feel like she is able to relive her high school days all over again as a pretty popular girl rather than the back-braced ‘freak’ that she was. Charlie’s teenager is a melodramatic girl who is only interested in Charlie to get her ex-boyfriend jealous. Dennis’ admirer is an attractive young legal eighteen-year-old high school girl who blackmails him into taking her to prom or she will tell the police about the gang serving drinks to minors. Dea, Charlie and Dennis all end up having to go to prom with their admirers but in the end they find out that they were just being used. Charlie is the only one who ends up actually going to the prom and moments later he is pushed aside too.

Kaitlin Olson does an amazing job at portraying her character Dea. Dea is hands down my favorite character in the show. She is intelligent, yet her ideas and thoughts are constantly over looked because she is the only girl in the group and is outnumbered by the guys. She at most times is the voice of reasoning but succumbs to all the idiotic shenanigans the guys stir up because she is either helping them get out of trouble or just goes along with it for fun. She has a constant need to be loved, which is also another reason why she always does what the guys tell her. That is also why in this episode she was hesitant about dating a minor but eventually does it because of all the attention, complements and love he gave her. I cannot wait to watch more episodes with her character and more of a story plot for her. I feel those will be the best episodes.

I sadly was able to connect and understand the reasoning behind what the gang was doing. Everyone wants to go back to high school and do things differently. I know I would. The gang loved the attention they were getting and for once they were considered ‘cool’ and ‘popular’, with the exception of Mac. I was lucky enough to attend my prom and it’s an experience like no other. Dea and Charlie didn’t go to their prom so they found this opportunity and took advantage of it. I hope I am never in this situation, but if I ever am, I might gracefully pull it off the same way they did. Especially Charlie. He went the furthest and actually attended a decent amount of the prom.

This episode was viewed around midnight in my bedroom alone on technically a Thursday.

I would give this episode a 4 out of 5 because I am still waiting for that one episode that will be the epitome of all the episodes. Until then I feel my vote is irrelevant and will remain in the ‘4’ region.

One of my favorite lines in the episodes is when Dea and Mac are arguing at the end and she doesn’t know what else to say so she says “I have to pee” and he responds in an angry voice “Go pee!” It reminded me of something my friends and me would say.

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