It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – Season 1, Episode 5: Gun Fever

This episode started off with the usual time, date and place of the scene that is soon to follow. Dennis and Mac are talking and making fun of one another as they usually do. They enter Paddy’s when Dea and Charlie tell them how the bar was robbed last night and their safe is missing. Right away everyone points the finger of blame and tries to find out who should be held responsible. Of course the guys all blamed Dea because she worked last night and was the person who closed up. I started laughing because Dea is constantly being blamed for everything and is treated so much differently than the others. The police come to investigate but they are not much help. The gang begins to talk about the possibility of purchasing a gun to protect themselves from any future robberies. Yet again Dea is outnumbered three to one, whereas the guys want to get a gun and Dea, who seems to be the only sensible one, is set against it. Dea boyfriend for the episode stops by to take her out to lunch and they explain to him what had happened; however he changes the conversation quickly so that him and Dea can leave. Anyone with an ounce of intelligence can tell that Dea’s boyfriend is definitely the culprit to all the bar robberies throughout the neighborhood, including their own. Especially after Charlie tells Mac and Dennis how Dea’s boyfriend has been seen dating all the attractive female bartenders at the popular bars within the town.

It is later revealed that Charlie is having financial problems and he is having trouble paying his rent. The guys ignore Dea and buy a guy anyway, and surprisingly enough they are all infected with ‘gun fever’. It can be implied that the guys were not the coolest kids in high school and each episode helps prove this statement because every episode consists of the guys and at times Dea trying to relive their ‘glory days’. The guys continue to use the gun just for fun because it makes them feel important, “badass” and like the Hardy Boys. The purchase of the gun hasn’t done anything for them except for wasting bullets.

Dennis believes that Dea’s boyfriend is the one who is robbing all the bars in town so they confront him and try to plant him in a trap by telling him there is more money in the cash register. Dea’s boy friend is more afraid that the guys some him cheating on Dea rather than showing some signs of him being the robber. The gang except Charlie all hid in the bar with the lights off hoping that Dea’s boyfriend will walk in and they can confront him. Some shadow figure enters and steals the money and is about to leave when Dennis shoots him. It turns out to be Charlie and they rush him to the hospital. While in the hospital Dea calls her boyfriend and tells him what happened and they end the phone call and Dea’s boyfriend is seen stealing more money from Paddy’s bar and leaving.

I feel it is necessary in each of my blog entries to talk about how Dea was treated and ignored in each episode. Besides the opening scene where Dea is accused of being the one to blame for the safe being stolen, they also blame her for dating the guy who they felt was the robber. When Dennis and Mac followed Dea’s boyfriend around, they saw him cheating on her with some other girl. However, the guys never told Dea that her boyfriend was cheating on her and nor did even have any motivation too. Dea’s character is mistreated in each episode, which I personally feel bad for her, but it also adds more comedy to the show because she is sadly the escape goat for all the guys’ jokes. I can’t wait to watch the next episodes to see if Dea is still dating this guy or if her brother and friends had the common courtesy to tell her. I look forward to watching poor Dea being ignored in the episodes to come. I really hope they expand on her character more and show us more of her.

Dea ironically stated one of my favorite lines in this episode when she saw the robber robbing the bank and she screamed at Dennis to “SHOOT HIM IN THE FACE!” I found it hysterical because for the whole episode, up until that moment, she was dead set against guns and when she thought her life was in danger and her money was being stolen, she told her brother to shoot the guy, not in the head, but in the face. I personally believe she said because she is a bit shallow and knew that a bullet in the face, if the person survived, would be a lot more damaging to his appearance and social life.

I would this episode a 4.6 because it was a little better than the last one but I am still expecting something more.

I watched this episode around 7pm on a Thursday evening in my room with my brother.

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