Out of the Wilderness – Cold War Kids

I am always open to listening to different types of music so I was excited for this blog entry. I began listening to the song Out of the Wilderness by Cold War Kid’s, off their new album “Mine is Yours” and I liked the beginning with the sounds of all different instruments playing in the back round under the singing of one of the band members. I liked not being able to tell what to expect next and not knowing in which direction the song will take off. I listened to the song with the lyrics in front of me so I was able to better interpret the song. After I listen to the song in its entirety, I read over the lyrics one more time. I noticed that the lyrics were very deep and could have many different meanings to a variety of people. I think that most people, if they were to just read the lyrics, could be able to relate to what it is the band is singing about. What I myself interpreted was that this song is about somebody who is shy and genuinely a nice person but is taken advantage of numerous times. No matter how many times he is neglected or mistreated, he will always remain optimistic and keep his head up and do the right thing. This is a general interpretation of what I felt the song was about. The song teaches people to be true to themselves and always be the bigger person. Never succumb to other peoples foolish antics, just always remember to do the right thing. I also like the reference to a “prophet” because it subtly tells the listeners to try there best to be good, because no one is perfect, or nearly close to a prophet or saint. Just try your best no matter what. My favorite verse in the song was the one where they mention the graffiti. Growing up in Brooklyn my whole life, graffiti is nothing new to me. When it said “With cryptic graffiti greetings to read” I instantly connected because that’s how I always feel when I see graffiti. You are first struck by the detail put into it as well as the contrasting bright colors, but it takes your eyes and brain a while to connect and put together what it is that you are seeing. The graffiti in Brooklyn is definitely cryptic which makes it all the more better and relatable. The meanings behind this debatable ‘works of art’ are in fact mysterious and do hold a message much deeper than just vandalism. I like how they finished that lyric with “greetings to read” because the vocalist feels that the graffiti is a personal greeting and it makes him feel better throughout his day. Compared to the “girl’s choir whispering” the “cryptic graffiti greetings to read” is a nice gesture throughout his day. I also noticed that the singer is not really a ‘women’s man’ due to the constant mentioning about him being shy and his face “turning bright pink” and how girls whisper about him when he walks by. However, he overcomes this obstacle and states that he will “hold [his] loneliness up like a medicine ball”. I also like this lyric because everybody feels lonely once and a while. It’s a great simile because loneliness does feel like a heavy weight on ones shoulders and once it’s lifted, it’s a huge relief. The singer goes above and beyond by saying that he is not going to wait any longer for this loneliness to evaporate, instead he well take control of it and hold it up and walk tall. The song ends with a lyric in one of the last verses saying “you expert the worse”. Everyone expects things to be worse than what they really are. It’s just a matter of us realizing it and moving on with our lives. In general, I did like the song because it was very symbolic and meaningful. I did want it to be a little bit longer because I felt it was short lived. I also really liked the album cover! It was colorful and says a lot about what a person can expert to hear on the CD.



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