It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – Season 2, Episode 3: The Gang Gives Back

This episode was extremely funny, in my opinion. The gang finds out they are sentenced to community service after burning down a building in the previous episode. Dea, Mac and Dennis have to work with kids for their community service, while Charlie has to go to AA and work roadside sanitation.

I am not sure how the gang is still able to live in Philadelphia after all the altercations they get into. You would think by now that they would move away due to sheer embarrassment. They constantly get in public fights, their bar makes minimum to nearly no business and they are always in trouble with law enforcement. At the beginning of this episode they even dine and dash after they have no money to pay the bill. However, they will still continue to go to this restaurant even though they didn’t pay previous times before. This brings back the idea of how none of these characters have remorse. Each character, with the exception of Dea at times, never seem to care about the things they do or things about them before hand. They all act on impulse regardless of the consequences. It must a nice lifestyle to live but the end results aren’t always beneficial or rewarding.

Dea, Mac and Dennis report to the youth center to see what they are assigned to do for their community service. They are all appointed coaches of two children’s basketball teams. Mac and Dea are co-captains (regardless of what Mac says) and Dennis is the coach of the other team by himself. Now, in my opinion, they are not functional enough to coach a basketball team. They were sentenced to community service in the first place because they burnt a building down. I wouldn’t think they would be able to coach a basketball team without many problems. We are all aware that every single member of the gain happens to be extremely competitive. So putting them against each other will not end successfully. Especially after Mac gives Dea a black eye when he elbows her in the face. Once again he feels no shame.

Charlie stubbles into his first AA meeting where he meets his crush the waitress. I find creative and funny how the waitresses name is never mentioned and is always referenced as the waitress or “that coffee house chick”. We find out the waitress is a recovering alcoholic and asks to be Charlie’s sponsor, only to get closer to Dennis because she likes him. Charlie becomes jealous which causes even more hysterically dangerous decisions when he decides to be the drunk referee at Dea, Mac and Dennis’ basketball game. I felt that Charlie and the waitress would get to get in the future but then i realized that their relationship wouldn’t be as funny if they did. Then I remembered that the actor who plays Charlie (Charlie Day) is married and real life. I did some researching and it turns out, in real life Charlie Day is in fact married to Mary Elizabeth Ellis, who portrays the waitress on the series. I was instantly excited and knew that it was meant to be because their on screen chemistry was so apparent and noticeable.

Once again there was a hint of racism in this episode as there is in all the episodes. Before Dea, Mac and Dennis found out that the teams were already decided, Dennis picked all the black kids to be on his team because of the stereotype that all black people are good at basketball. As the episode proceeded on, the audience was able to notice the many different coaching techniques Dea, Mac and Dennis all have. Since they are all very competitive, they will stop at nothing to win. Dea was the only reasonable one, considering she was more involved in trying to get herself recognized as a co-captain rather than actually coaching the team to win. Mac’s methods consisted of putting open safety pins in wristbands so that way they can inconspicuously injure the other players. As well as allowing them to elbow and knee the other players because thats the only way you’re “suppose” to play. Dennis on the other hand gave one player boots with a steel toe so that if he steps on the opposing teammates feet just right, he can break their foot into 3 pieces. As sickening as these tactics are, they did cause an extremely hilarious basketball game.

One of my favorite quotes in this episode was from Dea when she was talking to Dennis and said “I’m gona’ coach the shit outa this team”. Which resulted in Frank and the others to place bets of one hundred dollars, when Dea replies “How about five bitch! You scared? Wana quit? You can back out!”. Once again the delivery of these lines were priceless and it shows how desperate Dea is to be recognized and appreciated by the others. One last quote I like was from one of the players on Dennis’ team. After Dennis gave him new boots, he replied with “Thanks Dad!”. That line cracked me up because Dennis just ignored his random words and moved on with the game.

I watched this episode on a Thursday afternoon by myself again. I would give this episode 5/5 rating because the basketball game scene was just too funny!

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