It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – Season 1, Episode 7: Charlie Got Molested

This episode was rather short for most half hour sitcoms, it ran for only nineteen minutes. This episode also contained a lot of weird characters, which I didn’t think it would. The episode starts off with Mac reading about his and Charlie’s former gym teacher being accused of molestation. Upon hearing this news, Charlie becomes flustered and runs out of the bar, leaving Dennis, Dea and Mac to believe he was molested by this teacher as well.

This is the first episode we are able to witness Dea and Dennis actually teaming up and working together on something. They normally are bickering and fighting with one another so the audience is never able to see what it is like for them to depend on each other. First off, when Dea and Dennis are agreeing on something and trying to achieve the same goal, they tend to become a lot more arrogant and full of themselves. They believe they are highly intelligent and do not listen to anyone else besides themselves. When Mac tried to give his opinion on the matter, Dea and Dennis responded by saying “Let the grown ups talk. Okay? Thank you!” This dangerous dynamic duo are not so nice when working together. I know that most of my blogs are more or less dedicated to my fascination and admiration towards Dea, but in this episode her tactics and ideas were extremely ridiculous. When Dea and Dennis argued with one another on how to approach the Charlie molestation situation, Dea is normally left in the dust uttering complete nonsense to Dennis’ more logical reasoning. Both Dea and Dennis took psychology in college. However, Dea majored in it and Dennis minored in it. Regardless, Dennis is the smarter one in psychology because he passed all his classes, whereas Dea failed all hers. Dea and Dennis unknowingly begin to play ‘good cop, bad cop’ with Charlie at the bar and interrogate him. In a sense it more accurate to say they were playing ‘smart cop, dumb cop’ since Dennis knew what he was talking about and Dea was just trying to sound smart and was being loud. Throughout the entire episode, Dennis and Dea are extremely mean to Mac by ignoring him and questioning his intelligence. When Dennis and Dea get no information out of Charlie, they go visit Charlie’s mom and tell her the ‘bad news’. Charlie’s mom becomes extremely upset and with the help of Dennis and Dea, they staged an intervention for Charlie. Dennis and Dea just made things worse, because Charlie was never actually molested.

I felt it was necessary to dedicate a whole paragraph to twins in this blog. First off, let me start out by saying that twins are getting a bad reputation for being freaks and weirdos. I myself am a twin and my brother and I are completely normal and live socially functioning lives. However, besides the craziness of Dea and Dennis being twins, this episode also included another pair of twins. This other pair of twins were the McPoyle brothers. Right off the bat, the McPoyle twins are complete freaks. One brother answers the door for Charlie in nothing but a bath towel. When asked by Charlie where his brother is, he responds by saying “We just stepped out of the shower, he’ll be down in a minute.” This strangeness adds on to their weird lifestyle. I do not know of any normally functioning grown adult siblings who take showers together. Their apartment is strange as well, with random objects such as a stuffed squirrel sitting on their coffee table. When the other twin brother joins them in the living room, he is randomly polishing the wood in the apartment in his underwear. He then proceeds to spray and eat lemon pledge in his mouth. The McPoyle twins were never actually molested and are only pressing charges for the money. The McPoyle brothers are also presented at Charlie’s strange intervention where is clearly visible to notice one of the twins checking out Dennis. Also present at Charlie’s intervention is his sexually frustrated, and also strange, uncle who seems to be turned on when Charlie has to demonstrate where he was touched on a toy doll. The uncle and twins should live together because their weird lifestyles will complement each other and they would probably have fun.

Mac throughout the entire episode was trying to figure out why his old gym teacher did not molest him since he was such a “cute” and “loving” child. In pursuit, Mac visits his old gym teacher wearing only his elementary school gym uniform showing a lot of skin, so that he could entice the teacher. The second the gym teacher was shown, I knew instantly it was Mr. Belding (Dennis Haskins) from Saved by the Bell. I am actually a huge fan of Saved by the Bell and found it refreshing to see a familiar face. Mac flirts with the teacher in an attempt to be molested but the teacher realizes this and kicks him out in disgust.

This entire episode was full of surprises and I did actually like it a lot. I would give it a 5 out of 5 rating because I myself enjoyed it. I watched this episode by myself in my bedroom on a Thursday afternoon.

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