It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – Season 2, Episode 1: Charlie Gets Crippled

The highly anticipated arrival of Danny DeVito finally happened in this episode. Danny DeVito was introduce to the show as Dennis and Dea’s father Frank. Dea and Dennis do not like their father and when they heard he was stopping by the bar, they ran to the car to leave. Frank surprised them which causes a drunk Dennis to drive the car in reverse and hit Charlie who ended up in a wheelchair. I found it funny how Danny DeVito who is known for his short height, was casted to play the father of Dennis and Dea who are both very tall than the average height. I also found it pretty funny how Danny DeVito is typical full blood italian, however he is playing the biological father of two irish characters. We find out that Frank is a very wealthy father and he was never there for Dennis and Dea when they were growing up, so they resent him for that. Frank decided to turn his life around and spend more time with his kids which is why he is visiting them. He also plans on giving all his possessions and money away to the poor.

Dea and Dennis do not like how their dad is giving away all his money and decided to go to his house and take his stuff before he is able to sell it. Dennis becomes greedy and takes more things than Dea. They divide the bar in half with their items and begin breaking one another new found possessions. I was able to interpret that Dea and Dennis only use their father for the amount of money he has. However, I feel as the series continues, they will grow closer to their father. Overcoming many obstacles in their way.

Frank makes a close connection, to say the least, with Charlie. Charlie brings Frank to a strip club and lets him bring strippers back to his apartment. Frank had a great time and was to live his old wild and crazy life again. Charlie and Frank bargain with one another and come to an agreement that Frank will pay for six months of Charlie’s rent. Frank starts to take advantage of Charlie and only uses him for a place to live. Charlie gets really jealous of Frank only because all the strippers are attracted to him and not falling for his ‘war – veteran in a wheelchair’ scam.

Mac realizes that girls fall for guys who are injured so him and Dennis go to the mall in wheelchairs to pick up girls. Even though Dea hates this idea, she too is at the mall with crutches to pick up guys. The ending of the episode consists of the whole gang and Frank fighting. Once again Dennis falls asleep drunk behind the wheel and hits the remainder of the gang. They all end up actually being injured and in wheelchairs and crutches.

My expectations of this episode were rather high and I expected that they would introduce Danny DeVito in a fun and clever way, rather than just him showing up. The episode was not bad, but it was definitely not one of my favorites. I would give this episode a 3/5 rating because it wasn’t my favorite.

I watched this episode half by myself in my bedroom around 6pm and the other half around 6:30pm on a Thursday evening.

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