It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – Season 2, Episode 4: Dennis and Dea Go On Welfare

This is the second episode that we are able to see Dea and Dennis team up and work together. Whenever these two decide to work together, it always leads to hysterical events. Unlike the other members in the gang, these two have grown up together as siblings and have a closer bond than any of the others. Dea and Dennis also happen to be twins so this even increases the bond of their relationship. In the earlier episodes Dea and Dennis worked together but at the same time competed against one another. This was the first episode we were able to see Dea and Dennis be codependent on each other, and it was hilarious. These two characters decide to leave the bar because they don’t want to work for their dad Frank. They believe that they have “dreams, goals and aspirations” to work towards. As seen in previous episodes, whenever Dea and Dennis agree on something together and debate it with other people, such as Mac, they become extremely arrogant and begin to mock the other person. Dea and Dennis decide to apply for unemployment so they can evidently get more money than they did from the bar. Dea and Dennis just want to make some amount of success and “shove it” in their parents faces and “make them eat shit”. This will probably be fairly hard to accomplish considering their dad Frank is already rich. They plan to go on welfare after they waste all their employment money. Dea wants to fulfill her dream of becoming and actress and Dennis is going to become a veterinarian.

One of the funniest scenes in the episode is when Dea and Dennis are all dressed up as more or less ‘thugs’ or ‘rappers’ sitting on their stoop singing “Just A Friend” by Biz Markie. Both the actors who portray these characters (Kaitlin Olsen and Glenn Howerton) did an amazing job as being brother and sister as well as acting drunk. Once again they become arrogant and full of themselves and mock Mac as he stops by. Only this time their drunk and they tune him out by singing. The whole scene was hysterical because we were able to see a different side of these actors comedic scale.

As the episode continues and Dea and Dennis become addicted to crack (which was a hysterical storyline) their appearance changes as well. Dea and Dennis become more tired looking and they are as pale as ghosts with bags under their eyes and redness and irritation on their noses and eyelids. They even dressed the part of a drug addict. Dea starting wearing oversized gloves with no fingers while Dennis wore the same clothes over and over. Dea and Dennis walk with their arms linked depending on one another because they can barely stand up. They became so addicted that they slept through an entire day. I found it funny how they still had money but just because they used crack twice, their appearances change and Dea and Dennis decide to wear borderline homeless looking clothes.

The “slaves” or welfare workers in this episode were put through a lot and I felt so bad for them. In each and every episode the gang never seems to feel ashamed of the actions they take part in. However if any of the things they do, every happened to them, they would be wanting sympathy for days to come. I felt bad for the new welfare workers at the bar because they were both hard working people who were down on their luck not making enough money. They take this job and still make no money for all the hours of labor they put into it. In the end they are fired mainly because Frank doesn’t approve of their decision not to drink. I also found it ironic how Frank ignored these workers and still tries to fit in with Mac and Charlie even when they ignored him the entire episode. One funny element in this episode is how the gang is constantly looking for ways to make money, meanwhile Frank well gladly give them any money they want.

One of my favorite lines in this episode was when Frank promotes Charlie to manager because he was brave enough to steal his money from his private bank account. Mac tells Frank that he stole his money as well and was wondering what is going to be rewarded with. Frank responds by saying “You get dick because you are a follower and a thief!”. I found it so funny because at times Mac is both these things.

I watched this episode on a Thursday night with my brother. I would give this episode a 5/5 rating because of amazing scenes Dea and Dennis were in together. Season two’s episodes are slowly getting better than season one’s episodes, in my opinion.

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