It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – Season 1&2 Wrap Up

I cannot believe my blog assignment has already come to an end. I remember my first blog post (which was probably better than some recent ones) and how nervous I was to write it. I had no clue what I was doing, and at times, I still don’t. It was difficult at first to write a blog without giving a summary of the episode and most of posts can prove that to be true. As I continued, I tried my best to veer away from summarizing. I thought without a summary my blogging would be vague and boring. At some moments it was, and I unconsciously went back to summarizing again. I eventually got the hang of it. However the pressure was on for my third set of blog posts, considering my professor would be reading and grading them. I hope he gives some of the old posts a glance at as well.

I absolutely loved my show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I have to be honest and say that I wasn’t as intrigued as I had hoped I would be at first. I thought watching a television series and blogging about it afterwards would be a lot easier than it actually was. I wasn’t able to fully enjoy the episodes at times because I kept be reminded that it was homework, and my grade for the class. As I watched the episodes I began to feel lost in trying to find something to write about, rather than just enjoying the episode. As I got the hang of the whole process, I did begin to enjoy it. There is no need for me to mention once again my admiration for Kaitlin Olson portrayal of Deandra Reynolds. I am certain most of my blog posts have discussed that aspect. Other than Kaitlin Olson, I would have to say the whole cast was amazing. The chemistry between all five of them is amazing. Even Danny DeVito was able to notice the instant chemistry between the four younger stars, which is one of the reasons why he joined the series; because he saw potential.

Earlier seasons of the show, especially the first season, received mainly negative reviews. Gillian Flynn of Entertainment Weekly reviewed the first season negatively, commenting “it is smug enough to think it’s breaking ground, but not smart enough to know it isn’t.” Later seasons of the show received favorably ratings and even gaining it a cult following. I cannot wait to watch the next seasons, especially if they were rated better than seasons one and two. I hope they don’t cancel the show after the seventh season and continue to create more seasons.

Also mentioned in my previous blogs, my favorite episode of the two seasons was definitely Hundred Dollar Baby, the homage/parody to the Academy Award winning film Million Dollar Baby. One of my favorite things about this show is how at the beginning of every episode, the audience is told when and where the scene we are about to see takes place. I found that unique because not many shows do that and it gives the episodes more a realistic feel to it. I also like how the theme song is “Temptation Sensation” which could be juxtaposed against the gangs idiotic behaviors.

I am so glad I was assigned this series and I don’t know if I would want to blog about any other show. I can’t wait to watch seasons 3-7 and catch up with the gang. I also can’t wait to start watching the rest of the shows on the list from the beginning of the semester. I think I might give Dexter and Freaks and Greeks a shot.

I definitely rate this season a 5/5.

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One Response to It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – Season 1&2 Wrap Up

  1. professor Dunphy says:

    I love Dee as well but im more partial to Charlie. He’s just that great of a character.

    So funny, bizarre, good hearted, pathetic… he sounds like just a regular guy with major issues.

    This is a great wrap-up post.

    You have so much personality and yet you’re quiet in class, this is exactly why I have these blogs… so students like you can explore and not feel the pressure of having to raise your hand.

    While I would appreciate if you did, this work makes up for it– somewhat 🙂

    I always thought this was South Park all grown up and I still see the similarities throughout the show… only difference, Mac & Dennis aren’t good guys– they’re just selfish.

    Maybe I see more in common with Arrested Development…

    I digress…

    Solid post here… let’s take a look at some others.


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