It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – Season 2, Episode 10: Dennis And Dee Get A New Dad

When I first was assigned this show, I did some research and I skimmed through summaries about it. I came across something about Dea and Dennis having a biological father and another father, Frank, Danny DeVito’s character. Even though I had this prior knowledge, I completely forgot about it. I thought the shows creators were playing a joke on the audience and it was all a misunderstanding. But they continued on with the fact that Frank isn’t Dea and Dennis’ biological father, instead he is Charlie’s. This whole episode was like a father’s day episode, because everyone in the gang met their real fathers and the audience was finally introduced to them.

This is the first episode that we were able to see Mac’s dad, and let me tell you, he is a sight for sore eyes. The camera angle at first was an over the shoulder angle, just showing a reaction shot of Mac and Charlie, and the back of Mac’s dad in prison. The suspense was killing me, and I could not wait any longer to see what actor portrayed Mac’s dad. Or what Mac’s dad looked like in general. Long behold, Mac’s dad is played by Gregory Scott Cummins. He is not a widely famous actor but he has been in a few television shows and some smarts parts in a couple of movies. Regardless, Mac’s dad Bill instantly creeped me out. Bill has cold piercing blue eyes, which gives him a distinguished and crazed look. He has a tattoo of barbed wire around his neck. Once again the costume designers were on their ‘A’ game because they picked the right tattoo’s and wardrobe for this character. Mac’s dad Bill looked like he was straight out of a gangster-mob movie. I also find it extremely amusing that Mac’s dad is in jail, yet Mac is the complete opposite of him. Looking back on previous episodes, Mac’s mom was not much of a looker either. I was really starting to sympathize for him.

Watching this episode also gave me a sense of nostalgia. A majority of the episode revolved around the (hopefully obsolete) old social networking site, Myspace. Even I began to feel old, because this episode aired August 2006. Myspace was relatively new and popular back than. It’s almost hard to believe it has been 5 years.

One funny scene in this episode dealt with the soundtrack. I loved how there was a distant sound of violin’s playing within a restaurant that Dea, Dennis and their parents were eating at, and every time they began to argue, the music would stop. Moments later it would start back up again. I found this funny because it was as if the band would stop and listen to them argue and begin to play and hope no one noticed. I also like how they picked Stephen Collins to portrayed Dea and Dennis’ biological father, who is the polar opposite of Danny DeVito. It was funny how Dea and Dennis had more in common with Danny DeVito’s character Frank, than they did their biological father.

I watched this episode by myself on a Monday night. I would give this episode a 4.5/5 rating because it still didn’t beat the Hundred Dollar Baby episode. I was sad to realize that this was the last episode of the season and my last episode for my blog assignment.

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One Response to It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – Season 2, Episode 10: Dennis And Dee Get A New Dad

  1. professor Dunphy says:

    Your personality comes through, this are so much fun to read– makes me want to watch the show all over again.

    Your writing is good– it can improve, but the more you write, the more it will.

    You have an idea on what you want to say and you deliver.

    Good point about MySpace… how do you think it makes me feel!?!?! I remember Friendster!

    It’s not funny they have more in common– it’s the simple fact, Frank raised them… of course, they’ll be more like him.

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