It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – Season 2, Episode 5: Mac Bangs Dennis’ Mom

I feel as if I am beginning to lose interest in the series, mainly because every time I watch an episode, I am more concerned and concentrating on what I am going to write about in my blog. When a person watches a television series, they watch it for their own personal enjoyment and are able to actually enjoy it. If I were to watch this series leisurely on my spare time, than I would definitely enjoy it. Just the fact that I have to blog about the episode after I finish watching it, takes away from the whole experience of it. Regardless, this personal opinion in no way, shape or form takes away from the comic genius and hilarity of the show. Each episode is brilliantly written, directed and portrayed on screen in its own way. Some episodes may consist of similarities, but are also creatively different from one another.

I actually feel bad for all the characters in this episode, with the exception of Dea. It could be do to my surroundings and the weather outside today. There are torrential downpours of rain today, so I guess in result I am feeling a little bit gloomy having to be stuck inside the whole time. Although, each male character in this episode do have their share of despair and ‘heartache’. I use the word ‘heartache’ very lightly. The episode spans from Franks, more or less, mid-life crisis to Mac and Charlie trying to pursue woman that are not suited for them. Then there is Dennis who is suddenly be told he is not deemed attractive to older women. When you look back and reflect on each episode, you’re able to notice that all the problems ‘the gang’ encounters and all the shenanigans they get themselves into could have been easily avoided. Most of the problems these friends have are brought on to them by themselves. If ‘the gang’ actually thought things through, and cared about their consequences, than most of their problems would have never happened. As a viewer, you also begin to question their friendship. In reality, they are not good friends to one another. Each character, lies, manipulates and ‘back-stabs’ one another. However, they all forget about it within a couple of hours or a few days.

Just like all my other blog posts, this one will have a Kaitlin Olson (Dea) appreciation paragraph. The mistreatment of Dea in every episode becomes more and more obvious as the series progresses. In the previous episode, Dea was appointed a new job at the bar and has to do all of Charlie’s old jobs, such as cleaning the bathrooms. One of my favorite lines in this episode is “Why? Why would a person wipe their own shit on a wall?”. Kaitlin Olson’s portrayal of Dea is magnificent and hysterical. I  am still not entirely sure what it is that makes me like her character more than the rest. It could be that she is the only girl and I am sympathetic for her. I also just find girl comedians a whole lot funnier. Within this episode, Dea was only present when Charlie needed to use her. However Dea is never able to realize when she is wanted or when she is just being used. I also like how Kaitlin Olson decides to make her character act controlling when she is in a scene with another women. Dea at times feels like she is better than most women the guys bring around, especially the waitress. Which by the way I find hysterical how we the audience still do not know her name. Dea is able to use the waitress the same way the guys use her.

I did like this episode a lot because I was able to see the guy characters true emotions for once, which allowed me to connect better with them. It was actually really depressing and sad when the episode ended with Charlie crying, and one single tear rolling down his face. That to me was a powerful moment, especially for a comedy series.

I would give this episode a 5/5 because it was really interesting and kept me emotionally connected with it. I watched this episode by myself in my bedroom on an extremely rainy Thursday afternoon.

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