It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – Season 2, Episode 6: The Gang Runs For Office

Each blog becomes more difficult for me to write as I begin each episode. I feel as if I hit a writers block every time I start my blogs. Mainly because I do not want to sound repetitive and try my hardest to branch out differently from my previous posts. However, in this episode I began to notice that the gang participates in idiotic events that are not even remotely realistic. Why would any of them feel confident enough to run for comptroller within their town. A comptroller is a management level position responsible for supervising the quality of accounting and financial reporting of an organization of a town. Not one member of the gang is politically intelligent, nor has the ability to run for office. Every member in the gang have high hopes and are extremely arrogant and confident of themselves when in reality, they should spend more time educating themselves and making themselves more aware of their situations.

I want to dedicate a paragraph to Danny DeVito’s character, Frank. Frank has to be one of the world’s worst dads! Frank is constantly exploiting and insulting his children, even after he claims to have their best interest. Frank has only been in a handful of episodes, but I am sure he will definitely get himself and the rest of the gang into worse situations. I was not surprised that Frank decided to, more or less, pimp his daughter out just so he could receive a bribe in this episode. It is one thing for the Dennis, Mac and Charlie to harmfully insult Dea, but it is so wrong for her own father to insult her. This is why I feel the comedic value of this show is amazing. Everybody loves to watch characters be belittled by their parents in television series. It gives the audience a sense of comfort and something for them to relate to. Most people can relate to not being able to live up to their parents standards and expectations of them. Just like on the television show Friends, Monica Gellar (who is portrayed by Courteney Cox) is constantly being ridiculed by her mother and insulted regarding her being single, unemployed and ‘desperate’ looking. I instantly linked Frank and Monica’s mom together because of the similarities between their relationship with their own children. Granted, Frank is a bit more brutally with his insults towards his children, especially Dea. Frank is not winning a ‘World’s Best Dad’ award anytime soon, but he does have some aspirations for his children’s future. When it comes down to it, he will always be there for his kids, just not the way normal fathers would be.

Once again, Dea received the short end of the stick in this episode. The guys are always seen picking on her and questioning her far superior intelligence. However this was the first episode we were able to witness a one on one relationship with Dea and her father. Frank came to Dea in this episode as a desperate and last resort. No one ever seems to want Dea’s help or opinion on anything, which is starting to send a sexist vibe towards the audience. If you sit back and analyze the situation as a whole, you would be able to see that the guys in the gang are somewhat sexist. They constantly ignore and insult Dea, as well as other females within the series. None of the guys even maintain a longterm relationship. With the exception of Charlie’s crush on the waitress, which even she is mistreated by Dennis a few times. Even Dennis and Dea’s mom is seen as a sex-hungry, divorced, middle aged gold digger. There are not many strong independent female characters in this series. This is why I feel I have such a strong compassion and liking towards Dea, because I view her as the underdog. I am constantly waiting for her to succeed and show the Dennis, Charlie and Mac that she is not someone they should take for granted. After all, she has taken enough abuse from them and her father, regarding her ‘unattractive’ looks and her “5-head” (an insult implying that a persons forehead is so big that it should be called a “5-head”).

I watched this episode on a sunny and cool Sunday afternoon in my living room by myself. I would give this episode a rating of 3.5/5 because I was not fully entertained. It could be due to my allergies and how sick I felt, but this episode in my opinion was not as good or funny as the previous ones. One of my favorite lines in this episode came from Dea when she said to Frank “God, you’re a horrible father!”. It made me laugh, and I felt her pain. You cannot help but feel bad for her.

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