It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – Season 2, Episode 7: Hundred Dollar Baby

This episode, was definitely my favorite. Hands down. It took the seventh episode of the second season for me to hysterically laugh uncontrollably. I don’t even know where to begin. Anyone who has ever read my blog before could tell that Dea (portrayed by Kaitlin Olson) is my favorite character in the entire series. Seeing that Dea had a huge storyline in this episode, could be one of the many reasons why I loved it so much.

Immediately I was able to notice that this episode would be an homage/parody to Million Dollar Baby, starring Hilary Swank, Morgan Freeman and scored, directed and produced by Clint Eastwood. Knowing Dea’s personality, it wasn’t too hard to realize that she would consider this a classic movie. Dea is an extremely independently strong woman, and would definitely love movies that depict the same aspects. I was amazed by the huge coincidence between how my blog before this one mentioned the sexist element within in the series, and how this episode was more or less about sexism. Even Dea called the guys a bunch of sexists. As I have mentioned numerous times, I enjoy a female comic a lot more than I do a male. So this episode really caught my eye because I loved being able to watch the transition of Dea’s character. Dea slowly transformed from a push-over to a strong, powerful and self-defending woman. With the help of steroids. Kaitlin Olson does an amazing job at portrayed Dea, and I praise her performance every week. This episode allowed us to see a different side of Dea that we normally never get to witness.

If I had to convince one of my friends to watch this season of the show, I would definitely pick this episode for them to watch. This episode is a prime example of what the series is about. It gives the audience a great sense of who the characters are and why they act the way they do. The soundtrack for this episode suited it well. It made it feel as if I were watching a low rated inspirational movie. I especially like the song at the end, where Frank knocks out his old opponent and subsequently paralyzes his daughter in the same way Hilary Swank’s character is paralyzed in Million Dollar Baby. The ending scene is a hilarious parody of Million Dollar Baby, and I would not expect anything else from this series.

This episode is a milestone for Kaitlin Olson’s character Dea. Dea finally is able to branch out and fend for herself. Of course she is insulted numerous amount of times by her family, friends and complete strangers throughout the process. Thanks to the steroids causing Dea to experience mood swings, we as the audience were able to see the many different sides her. As the steroids began to kick in, Dea became very competitive and I could not help but find myself hysterically laughing at the things she was saying. While challenging another boxer to a fight, Dea “trash talks” her by saying; “I will eat your babies” and “I’m gona’ paralyze this bitch”. The subtle use of the word ‘bitch’ gets me every time and I find it a very entertaining outlet for characters to curse on television. Foreshadowing the end of the episode, Dea’s opponent does actually become paralyzed, but by Frank instead.

A few random things I noticed in this episode that I felt the need to randomly mention is how Charlie has a framed poster of a German Shepard hanging on the wall in his apartment. The poster is new because it is not visible or present in previous episodes, which make me wonder why he even has it in the first place. Another detail I noticed was how Mac was eating a banana while watching two shirtless guys fight. He also constantly requested that Charlie take his shirt off. It was random and strange but still funny.

I watched this episode on a Monday afternoon with my brother, in our bedroom. I definitely give this episode a 5/5 rating because I really enjoyed it and it was (in my opinion) the funniest episode so far.

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