It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – Season 2, Episode 8: Charlie Goes America All Over Everybody’s Ass

I started to like the idea of Dea and Charlie working together. Even though they have been teamed up before, I felt this time there would be a purpose. Dennis’ attitude is extremely arrogant and confident of himself. He is unable to empathize, destroys others property, betrays his friends on numerous occasions and insults people about their appearances in their presence. Dennis doesn’t hold back and is constantly putting down the rest of the gang, including his father. Dennis is endlessly telling Dea she is a failure at acting and a failure at everything she does. Which is why at times Dea teams up with Charlie, because she feels it is better to have someone support her rather than no one at all.

If you look through my previous blog posts, you will be able to see that I was extremely creeped out by the McPoyle twins by their first appearance in the series as I was in this episode. Who ever casted these actors as the brothers did an amazing job because I truly do get creeped out by these guys. The whole incest thing weirds me out, and now they even included their sister in on the ‘fun’. They way they dress also adds to their disturbing appearance. The costume designer for this series does an amazing job as well because she or he chooses to dress up these actors in bathrobes because it is out of the everyday normality. It is not everyday that you see two grown men walking around town in nothing but their bathrobes. I think it is the keen sense of detail that adds to this shows comedic style. If you watch carefully, you are able to see little props in the distance behind the characters, that make or break a scene. The best are the main characters facial expressions. In my opinion, facial expressions are the funniest part of any person. I grew up watching peoples facial expressions to make me laugh, but most of the time, that is the only thing that catches my attention. I also love when you can feel the chemistry between the cast. As the series gains popularity, the cast and crew becomes closer which allows them to form a special bond. In some scenes you are able to notice when an actor is acting or when they are genuinely laughing and reacting to a cast mates gestures or jokes. I cannot remember the exact episode, but there is one scene where Charlie Day, who portrays Charlie, was ‘going insane’ and making a weird face and Rob McElhenney, who portrays Mac, genuinely could not control his laughter. I think it is the little things like this that catch my attention and make me continue to watch a show. If I can personally feel that the cast is giving this series all they have, than I will give them my attention.

I watched this episode by myself in my bedroom on a Monday night. I give this episode a 4/5 rating because it is going to take a lot to beat the previous episode before this one. That one will still be my favorite, for now. However in this episode I did like the way Danny DeVito’s character Frank went off and did his own little thing without bothering the gang like he normally does in most episodes.

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One Response to It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – Season 2, Episode 8: Charlie Goes America All Over Everybody’s Ass

  1. professor Dunphy says:

    Well done on all these posts… you really got the assignment.

    Wonder if it is because you had Always Sunny vs. someone who had a show that was a bit “harder” or different.

    You did well and I enjoyed reading the blog…

    I’ll look for when Mac & dennis start laughing the next time I watch it.

    I’ll have your grade ready shortly.

    All the best,


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